Company Support & Independent Sales Representative (ISR) Business Package
250 SMO catalogs per year (ISR information on cover)
• ISR business cards       
• Online SMO catalog
 (Commissions paid for any item purchased online from your territory.)
• We pay the bills
(You make the sale. You send ARS America the order. We send the manufacturer a purchase order, and ARS America pays the manufacturer)
• We take care of customer billing, and customer credits
• We send you a commission check
• Monthly expense allowance
(To help with phone, fax & internet expenses)
• Access to “ISR Online Private Support Area” On web site.
• ISR Online Private Support Area:
1. Online order forms
2. Online purchase ordering forms
3. Your private ISR data base including:
    • ISR Sales
    • orders pending
    • customer list
    • sales to date
    • monthly sales
    • List of material handling manufacturers you may       purchase from or add to.
    • Manufacturers information
(products manufactured, basic       discounts, shipping locations, phone, fax & web site)
• Commission Structure
ISR’s work on a 50% of profit commissions structure.
Example: ISR sells a job for $1,000.00
Cost of job is $800.00
Total Profit $200.00
ISR commission $100.00